Introducing our ParticiPaid team

By Admin , Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Here comes a first great example of all the wonderful people who make ParticiPaid so special: 


Valerie has joined us in 2018. During her studies she has visited lots of journalistic congresses and international exchanges where she was able to get in touch with many different people, help others and exchange ideas. 


Coordinating and participating in a project in Belarus was a turning point which brought her to the spirit of community and to the aim of helping those in need. During that time the group built tiny houses in the forests with the help of professionals and exchanged on the topics of culture and climate change.


Her wish of doing good and helping others brought her to ParticiPaid’s team where she is currently coordinating all Social Media activities. 


Valerie was born in St. Petersburg but also has Swedish and Finnish roots. As she is fluent in five languages, she is currently following her passion of studying languages at the University of Bonn in Germany and writing for a journal. In her free time she loves traveling, acrylic painting, cooking and learning even more languages.