What is ParticiPaid:
ParticiPaid links people who want to do good with each other around the world - and also with all kind of charitable projects they can support.
On ParticiPaid you easily can find do good projects you are interested in. You can support not only local projects in your neighborhood and in your own country, but you can also contribute on a global scale. You can help in your own particular way - not only with money, but also with your time and your talent. Or you can also offer things you don’t need anymore but others might like to have very much.
Everybody can join. And everybody who does good, is rewarded with Karma Points and badges of honour. Please join us and learn more about our unique reward system.

Featured Projects

TuaRes - Girls Tech

Girls Tech aims to increase girls’ employability by teaching them basic IT (and eventually some coding).

70% Complete | 5 Participants

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Support: "Animals We Care" Mostar

Help us supporting "Animals We Care" in Bosnia, Mostar

33.33% Complete | 2 Participants

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International Volunteers for f1rstlife

writers, readers, supporters

0% Complete | 0 Participants

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